R&D is the indispensable and primary function of our company. S.E.T is our inhouse developed product design process which targets to increase your sales performance, profitibility, brand awareness and market share.

With S.E.T. system, we develop


“Effective” ve


packaging solutions for your objectives.

In addition to your products, we put a barrier between you and your competitors also with your packaging.


With over an experience of 40 years in packaging sector, we analyse your needs, priorities, your competitive landscape and find the right packaging solution for you.


Following our research and analysis, we start to design the packaging. Design is the most important step in developing your packaging. Quality, esthetic, creativity, functionality, volume, marketing and logistics are few of many important elements that are considered throughout the process. We make a packaging design that achieves your objectives and puts your product ahead of your competitor’s.

Upon the completion of design, prototype is made to test and provide specifications for a real working system, rather than a theoretical one. Following the success of tests, we deliver high quality uniquely designed custom molds.


Following the completion of the molding, production process starts. We get you together with your technical packaging product that embodies scientific knowledge and daily practices together.


We, as researches, do not only focus on your packaging. We also create and develop all necessary physical conditions that would increase your sales. Sometimes, it might be a display stand to show your product or the choice of the right weight for your product. With S.E.T. system, you make a difference!