Bergama Plastik: Became Menshen’s Turkey Distibutor.

bergama plastik
Bergama Plastik

Bergama Plastik, Menschen İşbirliği

Bergama Plastik: Became Menshen’s Turkey Distibutor.

Menshen, the world’s largest caps and closure manufacturer will operate in Turkey with Bergama Plastik.Headquartered in Germany, Menshen has 14 facilities in 11 countries worldwide. Mexico, the United States, Russia and the China are among those countries in which he has been operating.

Menshen is the global supplier of international companies such as L’Oreal, Henkel and Unilever; and Bergama will be servicing those companies in Turkey.

Technological and innovative caps and closures which have been produced by Menshen, have already found its place in national retail chains such as BIM, Migros and Carrefour. Bergama has already started to find solutions for strong local brands like Eker with Menshen LWS.