Get barred with your rivals.
S.E.T .: It is the packaging development system that we have created to increase the sales performance, profitability, brand awareness and market shares of our customers.

In the intense competitive environment, S.E.T. with

Special for you (“Subjective”),

Effective and

Technical (“Technical”)

we develop packaging solutions. In parallel with your products, we are working to set you up with your competitors and to stand out with your packaging.

Special “Subjective” for you.
With 50 years of experience, we listen to you, analyze your goals, competitors and needs, and find the packaging solution that best meets the needs of you and your customers.

Bergama Plastik, SET

We start the design process by analyzing the results of the research. Design is the most important stage of packaging. At the end of this process, packages that best meet the needs of your customers and provide superiority against your competitors emerge. All points such as aesthetics, creativity, quality, marketing, logistical convenience and functionality that should be in a package are carefully processed in this process.

After the end of the design phase, the prototype creation and testing phase of the packaging begins. As a result of the examination of the prototype and the positive results of the tests, the construction process of the packaging mold begins. In case of your request for changes, revisions are made in the design and the packaging is finalized.

As a result of the prototype and test stages, the production process of the product begins after we reach the final packaging solution.

Bergama Plastik, SET
Bergama Plastik, SET

Product development
Our analysts don’t just deal with packaging. They also create all the physical conditions that will increase sales. This could be a stand or a correct weight. SET. differentiate from your competitors with its structure.